Benefits of Rear Engine Riding Mowers

After many years, rear engine riding mowers have been reinvented to combine true and tried features with today’s efficient innovations to provide the same level of dependability you have always loved from a rear engine moving machine. For lawn maintenance, rear engine riding mowers have a lot of benefits over their front engine sisters. In this article we will look at these benefits of rear engine mowers.
Here are the six main benefits of rear engine mowers:

1. Great stabilityMost rear engine mowers have very low center of gravity compared to other front engine models. Low center of gravity reduces the chances of tipping and thus prevents serious injuries. In addition, most rear engine mowers have four-wheel-drive for stronger and better traction on sloped grounds and damp grass. Their low profile, wide tires add traction and stability on all kinds of lawns.

2. Easy maintainRear engine mowers are very easy to maintain. You can easily clean and even sharpen their blades when they are in their storage position. Additionally, you can oil their wheels, steering as well as blade attachment easily and faster.

3. Maneuverability and steeringThe rear parts of these mowers follow the movement of their front axles, to turn faster as well as more sharply. The pivoting structure allows the rear engine mower to ride a long as you move up and down in your lawn – ensuring a more even and smooth surface. You can easily level their decks for effective steering and cutting performance. Their total width is just 28.0 inches – that is 12.0 inches narrower than other front engine mowers. The good thing about rear engine riding mowers is that you can easily ride via garden gates, around raised flower gardens and trellises easily and safely with them. Most rear engine mowers have a turning radius of less than 6.0 inches. They allow you to trim your grass up to the edge of your driveways as well as retaining walls because of the tucked-in nature of their rear and front wheels.

4. Minimal exposure to toxic gas The main benefit of rear engine mowers is that they don’t eliminate their gas fumes drifting toward the driver. You are able to breathe easily as you continue with your task and you will most likely complete the job in one session.

5. Different methods of handling clippingsRear engine riding mowers provide extra features such as baggers, adjustable-height blades and mulchers. Some makes provides up to 9 blade height adjustments for every king of grass vegetation, from wild grains to bluegrass. You don’t need to clean the blade after every 30 minutes (mow the whole lawn). If you want, you can use their side discharge to increase the clippings over the grass like lawn mulch.

6. Easy storage You can store rear engine mowers on end, lying on their wheels and rear deck. Their front axles are very strong and can allow you to use your 2 hands when lifting them to their storage area. Always remember to disconnect the battery and drain the gas tank before storing your mower.

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A Complete Troubleshooting Guide To Repair Lawn Sweeper


Ohio Steel Pro Lawn Sweeper – 26 Cubic Foot

A lawn sweeper is a device that collects and cleans the waste materials of your lawn like leaf, grass, etc. These are spread all over the lawn and it is impossible to collect them manually and it is necessary to clean them in order to beautify the lawn.

There are three components of a lawn sweeper, the sweeper or brush, the wheel and the collector. Here, let us review some common problems in the lawn sweepers and their possible solutions. There are two top rated: tow behind or push powered lawn sweepers for leaves .

Maintaining the Sweeper or Brush

The sweeper is the most essential component of the lawn sweeper. It is a circular brush that rotates and collects all the dirt in the basket. As it is always in contact with the ground, you need to regularly check it for its condition. There are two types of issues with the brushes

1. Loose Fitting
As the brush is in constant contact with the ground, it often gets loose or moves from its standard position. It is recommended to loosen the screws of the brush, place it on its original position and tighten it properly. This ensures proper function of the sweeper brush and also the long life of the brush.

2. Worn Out Brush
The contact with the rough surface also wears out the brush much faster than the rest of the components. It is recommended to replace the brush with a new brush whenever the brush wears away, as the performance of the sweeper relies on the brush.

Maintaining the Wheels

The wheels determine the ease of use of the sweeper, there are two major issues associated with the wheels.

1. Deflated Tires
The tires wear away and the sharp or pointed objects in the lawn might puncture the tire. It is recommended to remove the wheels and take them to a maintenance shop to get them checked for a puncture. You might refill the air and try your luck if the air leakage is not because of a puncture. However, it is recommended to get it checked for a puncture.

2. Jammed Bearing
As the sweeper often moves in the wet grass, the bearing gets jammed. It is recommended to have periodic oiling and greasing of the bearing portion of the wheel to ensure a smooth movement of the sweeper.

Maintaining the Collector

Collector is the large basket that is at the rear end of the sweeper. It is responsible for holding the collected materials till they are dumped. It is mostly canvass material and is very durable. However, there are sharp objects in the lawns that might damage the collector. Following are the two possible solutions when collector is damaged.

1. Patch The Collector
When there is a very small amount of damage in the collector, it is recommended to stitch or patch the collector. You can do it by yourself using a similar piece of cloth and thread.

2. Replace the Collector
In case the collector is too old and the canvass is weak or there are huge damages on it, it is strongly recommended to order a replacement collector from the manufacturer. Do not try to save a few bucks by ordering a similar collector. Compatibility is a major issue for sweepers.


Apart from these the regular cleaning and washing of the sweeper is strongly recommended, it will ensure a long life and high performance of the sweeper. Moreover, when the sweeper is clean, you can easily identify the emerging issues in the sweeper.